The Research

What Most Affects Your Sex Life?

We, at Perfectly Snug, care about the health of a couple's relationships so in conjunction with a national market research firm we studied how your sleep affects intimacy. If you want a little peek into the bedrooms of people all over the country, keep on scrolling! How can you improve your relationship this Valentine's Day? We may be able to help.

41% of the group says that temperature plays a HUGE role in their sleep because they want to sleep at a different temperature than their partner.

61% of respondents have said their sleep is heavily affected by the worries and stress from life

You're Stressed Out! 😩

Over 52% of Americans describe their sleep as "poor" or "very poor", and when you can't sleep, you can't function; it's also the #1 reason why people said that they're "not in the mood.

You're Sleeeeeeepy 💤

Temperature ☀️

How many people are getting lucky on different holidays?

How Do You Compare this Valentine's Day?

Intimacy and Valentine's Day Go Together Like....

Pineapple and Pizza? 

Find out how your relationship stacks up to others below!

Did You Know? 62% of couples get intimate on Valentine's Day, while an extra 30% wish they did, but don't. What's up with that?

While there are a lot of things that affect your intimacy, the following are the main issues that stem from "in the bedroom" issues that negatively affect spicing up your bedroom.




What Else Makes A Difference In The Bedroom?

More intimacy when you have a topper on your mattress

Get some action on their anniversary or special date in their relationship 

People prefer spontaneous intimacy (vs. scheduled)



Anniversary or other important relationship day

Spouses Birthdays


New Year's


Your Birthday

How does all this information help you get a little more love this Valentine's (and every other) Day?

... And what are the top 3 things keeping you from great sleep?

People being too tired is the biggest problem when it comes to a healthy sex life...  

#1 - Stress

#2 - Bathroom Breaks

#3 - Sleep Temp

So what's the solution?

Regulate your sleep temp! You have to be comfortable in bed in order to get good sleep. And More sleep gives you more energy to do the things (and people) you love.

(the bathroom part is up to you)

Control your sleep temperature and you can improve your sleep. 

And that's why we created the Perfectly Snug Smart Topper

* Dual Zone Temp Control*

* Adjustable base friendly

What makes Perfectly Snug so great?

* Sensors that adjust to your perfect temp

* Scheduling for your ideal set up

* No subscription fees

* and more!

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Interested in improving your sleep with Perfectly Snug?

*dual zone supported on certain topper sizes

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Sleep at your perfect temperature for the rest of your life.

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How many people are getting lucky on different holidays?